Hollow Forms: Beads + Rings in Argentium 2017 with Ronda Coryell

Monday - Friday, May 1-5, 10-6p


Prerequisite: Fabrication skills and/or fusing experience required. Please call the studio for details about prerequisites, if needed. (If this is your first time working with Argentium, you are required to take AT LEAST one of the first 3 week long courses if you want to take any of the last 3 week long courses.)

This is Week Six of a 6 week series. Payment plans available upon request. 25% of tuition required to reserve a bench.

Coming from out of town? Enrollment for the 6 week Argentium Series and the chance to learn "mad bench skills" with Ronda Coryell is open now and benches are filling fast. Creative Side is connecting people who want to share space and transportation during this time to cut down on expenses for students. Reach out to owner, Courtney Gray to save your spot in some or all of the 6 week courses and get on the list to be connected with other visiting students. Call 512-799-0731 or email courtney@creativeside.org for more info.


Hollow Forms: Create 4 projects in 5 days! 

Two beads and two rings will be taught, each involving different types of fabrication skills. Making a bead, you will learn to use dapping tools, form wires to fit a curved surface and patterning for proper alignment for a more “finished” design. Projects will feature your individual pattern layout, enhancing your surface fusing and embellishment skills. Completing the projects you will leave class with confidence and exquisitely finished pieces.

The final day of class includes a one on one review with the instructor to show how to finish to a level of excellence. Often the seemingly minute but fine details can take a piece from "good" to “show quality”. You may bring 18k gold or higher karat to add to rings.  

Special note: If you are taking any portion of the Argentium Series, there will be an additional one-time charge of $25 for a 
block. If you have one, feel free to bring it to class with you.
Skills + Techniques covered:


Project Details/Materials:
1/2 round hollow band
Hollow ring
Lentil bead
Oval hollow bead

Capstone class: Gold on Argentium 2017 is now being offered the last weekend of the series.  Grab your spot in this 
thrilling curriculum to complete your Argentium experience.

***As a natural follow-up to this series, take Cloisonné Enameling with Ricky Frank, May 15-19, 2017, to learn cloisonné on Argentium***


Tuition: $905 + $85 Kit Fee

Reserve your spot today in one of our many inspiring workshops or classes by calling the Creative Side | Jewelry Academy of Austin 512-799-0731 or feel free to email us with any questions at info@creativeside.org.

We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Discover. For phone or email registration you must call or email to register before sending a payment.

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