The Original Imaginative Captures with Andy Cooperman

Monday - Friday, September 18 - 22, 10-6p


Imagine a more fluid way to incorporate a gemstone, enamel or found object into your work: A fresh approach that leverages the principles of traditional stone setting to open possibilities that go way beyond the old standbys of prongs and bezels.

Imagine tearing down some of the walls that exist between ideas, process and materials and creating new, elegant and more fully integrated setting solutions. This is Capturing.

This information-packed workshop is designed to help you change things up, to liberate the problem solver within by helping participants see a different way of approaching their work and navigate the choke points and roadblocks inherent in studio life. 

Along the way we’ll explore a wide variety of tricks, shortcuts and studio tips --and some really bad jokes.  Demonstrations and an extensive collection of samples will be used to illustrate topics including cold connecting, caging, back setting, the flex shaft and advanced soldering techniques.

Participants must have basic jewelry skills and a familiarity with tools and studio equipment.  Required skills include drilling with the flex shaft machine, sawing, filing, silver soldering and basic bezel setting.  Students should have intermediate experience and be familiar with:  the rolling mill, torches, hammers, buffers, etc.  Those who enroll must be able to silver solder (hard/medium/easy) unattended.

Students Should Bring:


Whatever metal you wish from which to make several small brooches or jewelry objects.                           

This can include sterling, copper, brass, bronze (even small amounts of gold).  (Remember, we can always roll down thicker material.)                           

  • Sheet: 18-22ga. Appox. 6 X 6 sterling, copper, brass or bronze
  • Wire for riveting- Brass, copper, silver: 18 or 20 gauge round

This can be handy--but NOT required:

Clean (no solder) scrap (sterling, gold, bronze)

  • This can be handy to melt for wire or small amounts of sheet or simply to play with, fuse, etc.
  • Wire for possible forging or forming (if your design might include that): -8,10 or 12 ga. (We can even make wire from scrap…)

Some materials will be availible for purchase through CSJA; i.e. some sheet and most wire, but students should rely on the materials they bring to execute their projects. This class is about expanding your work and vision as an artist, so the materials you work with should relate to what you are doing as a smith. Please feel free to call or email the studio with specific questions you may have. 

Tuition: $985 + $25 Kit Fee

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