Duality Mandala Talisman with Wanaree Tanner

Friday - Sunday, September 8 - 10, 10-6p


Spend a full five days immersing in PMC with innovative instructor Wanaree Tanner! Save $85 when you add both Hollow Form Silver Beads and Duality Mandala Talisman and use the code PMC at checkout. Or visit the PMC Immersion page to sign up online!

Diverse cultures throughout the world create and utilize mandalas as vehicles for active mediation and contemplation.

This three day class introduces Wanaree’s Free Form Design, Meditative Mandala Design and Die Cut Tool methods.  Students will create mirrored double sided mandala that can be colored on both sides to contrast or complement each side.  Wanaree will share her techniques for applying a vibrant multi-colored metal patina that acts like paint when wet and won’t rub off or have to be re-applied.  Participants will learn her best refinement practices for metal clay, the ornamental swing bail, silver clay firing method for distortion prevention and metal finishing processes.  Color theory will be covered in this class with participants leaving with a pendant that has two compelling sides.

Tuition: $595 + $100 Kit Fee

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