Snarling Techniques with Fabrizio Acquafresca

Monday - Friday, June 5-9, 10-6pm


Immerse with Il Maestro! Get your feet under you with Introduction to Chasing and Repoussé, then continue on to vessel making with Snarling Techniques

Save $75 when you add both classes to your cart and use the code FABRI at checkout. 

Spend 5 days furthering your chasing and repoussé skills on a three dimensional object. Students will create an organic design that is transformed onto a spun vessel through the process of snarling (a curved stake that is place inside an object and hammered).  

Day 1- Students will create their own snarling stake and a wooden base to chase their cup once filled with pitch.

Day 2- Students will transfer their design onto their silver cup and begin to snarl.

Day 3- Finish snarling, and begin to fill the inside of their cup with pitch, cool, and begin to chase.

Day 4- Finish out chasing.

Day 5- Students will construct a simple base and stem to finish out their cup and do final patinas and polishing.

At the end of this class students can participate in a Italian style gathering with food, and drink out of the goblets they have created.

Kit fee will include a fine silver spun vessel to chase, a stem and a foot/base in sterling silver; plus the use of tools, equipment and pitch. Tools and pitch are availible for purchase during class. 


Basic Chasing and Repoussé techniques are required to take this course. Take Intro to Chasing and Repoussé before this course with Il Maestro himself!

Tuition: $1175 + $350 Kit Fee - Payment Plans Available

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