Fold Forming with Charles Lewton-Brain

Friday - Monday, July 14-17, 10-6pm

Charles Lewton-Brain invented fold-forming, a technique new to metalsmithing which allows for rapid production of three-dimensional structures using simple equipment. Fold-forming does not require solder, and through the process of folding and unfolding the metal it is possible to create wonderful forms that are useful for jewelry and hollow ware.
Lewton-Brain developed this technique while studying metal from a conceptual approach, and found that by utilizing metal’s innate characteristics he was able to form it into incredible shapes reminiscent of those found in the natural world. Fold-forming is applicable to precious metals, base metals, and even steel. The very nature of these forms make them perfect candidates for enameling and other colorful techniques to really push the boundaries of traditional metalsmithing.
This demo-packed four day class will allow students to learn these techniques in copper to create works to their desired aesthetic. Come learn from one of the true masters in the field and expand your metal horizons!


Students are asked to refrain from video-taping and photographing Charles during class.

Tuition: $945 + $65 Kit Fee

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