Fold Forming with Charles Lewton-Brain

Friday - Monday, July 14-17, 10-6pm


Charles Lewton-Brain invented fold-forming, a completely new way of forming sheet metal quickly into wonderful 3-D shapes and textures, most from single sheets of metal without any soldering. Fold-forming uses sheet material, through a process of folding and un-folding. These shapes resemble chased, constructed and soldered forms and can often not be arrived at in any other way in a comparable working time.

This new system of metal forming developed between 1980 and the present, which is the concrete result of a conceptual approach to metalsmithing that emphasizes forming using the metal's characteristics.  The techniques may be used with most metals including aluminum, niobium and steel, as there is no soldering for high relief forms.  The surfaces created are applicable for jewellery, holloware, enameling and anodizing. This demo packed four day class will allow students will learn these techniques in copper to create works to their desired artistic taste.


Students are asked to refrain from video-taping and photographing Charles during class.

Tuition: $945 + $65 Kit Fee

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