Doing A Show with Marlene Richey

Saturday, August 19, 10-5p


Entrepreneur Series Combo:
Lecture: Trends -vs- Fads
Turning Your Passion into a Business+Doing A Show+Designing Your Collection

So… you have been making jewelry, all your friends and family have more than they will ever use in a couple lifetimes and you are finding it necessary to support your habit of making these wonderful items.

What are you going to do? Of course, you might already be selling your work at a couple local stores, have a website or an etsy page. You might even be making some decent money in these venues. But you realize at some point that in order to grow your new-found craft/art/fashion jewelry business to the next level you should consider exhibiting at shows. This is when panic usually sets in.

How? What do you do? When? Where? With what? Why? Which ones?

Well, you have come to the right place. Marlene Richey has done hundreds of shows.  She has exhibited in and/or attended hundreds of craft, industry, art, gift and fashion shows in the United States and Europe with her award-winning jewelry design company.  Marlene has participated in all type of shows- wholesale, retail, industry, craft, local, national, international, good and dreadful, large and small, in and outdoor. She has written, lectured, and taught classes about doing these shows. Although Richey’s expertise falls mainly in the jewelry world she has interviewed numerous makers in various mediums, and the same principles, thoughts, suggestions, and ideas are applicable to all of these.

She knows shows, still participates in them and is willing to share her knowledge to make this next generation of artists ready to take charge and succeed!



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