Photography Basics for Jewelers with Ryan Koning

Saturday-Sunday, February 23-24, 10-5p


Photographing and retouching jewelry can be as easy as 1234. It just takes…

One lighting environment - to put you in control.
Two camera settings - yup, it’s that simple once you understand why.
Three Photoshop concepts - that will unlock almost all of your retouching work.
Four Photoshop tools for basic retouching - just 4 tools can get the job done most of the time.


All Levels Welcome!

Learn how to professionally photograph your jewelry and metalwork in this 2-day weekend workshop with Ryan Koning. Photography Basics for Jewelers will help you jumpstart your camera, lighting, and post-production skills to promote your jewelry in today’s highly-visual world. This intensive course will establish core photography principles and explore easier, less-expensive, and DIY methods to achieve them. This class is ideal for those with limited experience in photography or those with moderate experience that now wish to specialize in the unique world of jewelry photography.

-Develop a photography style for your jewelry that helps establish your brand

-Learn how to use temporary paper-based lighting solutions

-Learn special techniques using Photoshop and/or Photoshop Elements

-One-on-one session with the instructor to review and optimize your own camera equipment that you can bring to class. No camera required for this class

-Take home printed retouching guides and speed up your post-production and printed camera guides for buying a camera specifically for jewelry photography

Ryan has spent years working in branding, digital marketing, and photography with an emphasis in the unique worlds of artisan and high-end jewelry advertising and jewelry technology. Much of his work has involved getting big results from small photography set ups, with a true DIY and “whatever it takes” approach. With a formal education in graphic design, Ryan has taught college courses, led creative teams, and launched brands within the jewelry space and beyond.

You do not need to have a camera yet to benefit from this class, however bring one if you own one. An overview of different camera types with specific purchase recommendations will be provided, so you can make the right camera and lens purchase.




Tuition: $395 + $25 Lab Fee - Payment plans available

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