Doing A Show with Marlene Richey

Thursday, June 7, 10-5p


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There comes a point in every jeweler’s career when they have mastered the processes, developed their own style, and given enough pieces as gifts to friends and family that they start to ask themselves what’s next. How do you fund your new hobby? Most makers turn to etsy or to local shops to sell their work, but to grow their business further it may be necessary to exhibit at a show or craft fair. But where to begin? What do you need to put on a successful show or exhibition, and how do you turn that into growth for your new jewelry business?

Marlene Richey has dedicated her career to teaching and encouraging small business owners to expand their businesses the right way from the beginning. She has exhibited in and attended hundreds of craft, industry, art, gift, and fashion shows in the United States and Europe with her award-winning jewelry design company.  Although Richey’s expertise falls mainly in the jewelry world she has interviewed numerous makers in various mediums, and the same principles, thoughts, and ideas are applicable to all of these. Whether it be wholesale or retail, industry or craft, large or small, Richey’s knowledge of exhibitions and making an impact in them is second to none. We are happy to have her here to encourage the next generation of artists to take charge and succeed!


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