Cloisonné Enameling with Ricky Frank

Monday - Friday, May 13 - 17, 10-6p

All levels

Cloisonné enameling is a fun and exciting approach to design with brilliant colors, incredible depth, and beautiful gradations. 

This workshop introduces students to a simple and step-by-step approach to cloisonné enameling. More experienced students will be challenged to push past preconceived ideas of how their enamels should look. 

  • Students will learn and practice:
  • -Preparing the metal for enameling
  • -Wire Shaping and basics to wire working
  • -Design and composition
  • -Layering transparent, opaque, and opalescent enamels
  • -Finishing and color tests

About Ricky Frank

A peek into the process:



"Ricky Frank is one of the best instructors I have ever experienced. First, he is a master at his art, both in design and execution. In addition, he excels at a talent few artists have...a systematic approach to teaching the process of enameling that advances both the novice and the expert. He's always "pushing the edges" of his knowledge and in so doing, helps us develop our thought process as artists, not just our technical skills. It's a joy to spend time in his studio and I recommend him highly for students of all levels."


Tuition: $995 + Kit fee TBD | Kit fees paid last day of class - Payment plans available

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