Alternative Casting in a Day with Deanna Pastel

Saturday, November 10, 10-6p

All levels (some fabrication experience preferred, but not required)


Many household items make for amazing cast objects, which you can find in your home pantry. This one day workshop will allow you to take these everyday goods and create castings in bronze that can then be finished out and used as trinkets or jewelry. Students may bring in sterling scrap or grain to cast with or purchase at the studio. 

The art of this type of casting does not create an exact replica of the materials cast in, but rather pouring the liquid metal around these items “freezes” and allows for very exciting reliefs of the spaces in-between. The result, is exhilarating since the end result is unexpected, and the metal can always be re-melted and used again.

Cuttlefish bone

While a quick casting method, cuttlebone can easily be carved and pressed into. It originates from the backbone of a cuttlefish, and offers a distinct natural wave pattern into every casting. Students will have the option to make a pendant, ring or mold a three-dimensional object. Objects in this class can be single or double sided using scraping or impression techniques.

Once the objects are carved into the bone, we will use a torch to melt sterling or bronze into the mold and then finish out the pieces by brass brushing and tumbling.

Kit fee includes all materials and up to 2lbs of bronze casting grain.




Tuition: $175 + $60 kit fee

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