Chasing on Vessels with David Huang

Friday - Sunday, July 12-14, 10-6p

The humble hammer is my prime tool. I supply the power and it bends, stretches, compresses, and moves the metal according to the particular shape, weight, and hardness of it’s head. The forming stakes I work upon offer their strength to resist the hammer, and their curves to impart a controlled form. The voices of the hammer and stake are a harmony that work best together. -David Huang

Using pre-made spun copper vessels this workshop will explore how to embellish the form with designs and textures created using the technique known as chasing. In place of traditional pitch we will be using a microcrystalline wax, one commonly used in bronze casting.

During the course of the workshop students will cover:

-Introduction to chasing tools and hammers

-Chasing techniques for a 3D form

-Making one's own chasing tools

-Finish the vessel edge by soldering on a wire rim

This workshop will be technique and information oriented rather than project oriented, meaning very few participants actually finish a piece during the time we have. However, everyone should get lots of information about the processes. Considerable time will be spent practicing the techniques while working on our pieces, but due to the labor intensive nature of chasing you shouldn’t expect to complete a piece in class.

Tuition: $695 + $75 Materials and Lab Fee | Fee paid last day of class | Payment plans available

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