Drawing for Jewelers with Rémy Rotenier

Monday-Friday, March 18-22, 10-5p

"Learn how to rapidly express your ideas or visually explain a project to a customer through professional drawings."

This class starts with basic black and white sketching and rendering skills. You will develop the confidence to create powerful drawings which will help you communicate ideas, work out problems and refine designs on paper. In this class you will progress beyond the basic techniques for rendering lustrous metals and brilliant gemstones in professional-quality presentation paintings in the classic European tradition. Through the masterful demonstrations by your Paris-trained instructor you will see metal, gemstones, and other materials come to life.  Students will be expected to develop unique designs from diverse source materials provided by the instructor.  Each student will employ these same techniques to create individual gouache paintings of their own designs.  With these tools, you will complete the course with greater confidence, prepared to create renderings of exceptional realism, vitality, and sparkle. 

Why students should take my class...

1. A great jewelry design class is a rare thing. My 32 years as a professional designer for some of the most prestigious fine jewelry houses worldwide lent me to break down my favorite techniques and offer classes that will make you progress rapidly and with a bit of practice design beautiful jewelry.

2. Whether you will create your own jewelry lines, produce custom pieces or become an in house designer for a jewelry company, my workshops give you the tools you will need to succeed.

3. A sketch expresses more information than words ever do. Being able to draw better will feel like knowing a new language. And people love seeing the design come to life before their eyes. It is a wonderful communications and selling tool.

4. Drawing a piece of jewelry before making it or having it produced gives you a chance to experience it first, as an artist in a pure organic way that creates a bond between you and the object. The lines become deliberate and precise as you develop your skills and enjoy more freedom in exploring form, movement and color. Then the production of the object will be more fluid as your design has “legs”. Drawing the piece like an architect does allows you to really understand it and this process will reflect in the final result as a well-designed piece of jewelry.


Tuition: $995 + $175 Materials and Lab Fee | Fee paid last day of class | Payment plans available

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