Simple Stone Setting and Street Gemology with Jim Dailing

Monday-Friday, June 10-14, 10-6p

Intermediate to Advanced

Learn how to pick the best stones for your work, and then how to set them!

Experienced goldsmith Jim Dailing will walk students through the fundamentals of Gemology, especially when it comes to purchasing stones at a show. Spend the beginning of the class learning these tips and tricks,and then spend the rest of the time learning how to do surface stonesettings with ease. Make a big impact on your designs with these versatile setting techniques, and how to select the right stones for the job. 

This course will cover:

  • -The basics of gemology: Moh’s hardness scale, weighing and measuring gems, cuts, shapes, and more!
  • -Understanding how to look at a stone before setting it in jewelry
  • -Overview of the historical evolution of the cutting and faceting of gems
  • -More advanced stone setting techniques such as layout and pave setting
  • -Flush and bead setting utilizing gravers and scribes

About Jim Dailing:

Jim Dailing specializes in creating unique engagement rings and custom wedding rings specifically designed to the style and personality of his clients. From his studio in beautiful Bend, Oregon, Jim works with both national and international clients. In addition to custom jewelry design, Jim is an accomplished instructor in metalsmithing, stone setting, and sculpture. You can learn more about Jim’s work on his website: www.jimdailing.com



Tuition: $995 + Approx. $95 Materials and Lab Fee | Fee paid last day of class | Payment plans available

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