Leather Working with Greg Foster

Saturday - Sunday, August 24 + 25, 10-6p

Been curious about working in leather? This class will cover basic terminology, principles and types of leather in all it's applications, as well as basic tooling techniques and how it applies to jewelry making. Students will go through all the steps necessary to create a handmade bracelet with a stone mount or inlay.

Processes Covered:

  1. Leather types and tannages
  2. Terminology
  3. Tools and their usage
  4. Dyeing, stains, antiquing and finishing
  5. Adhesives and joining different types of leather
  6. Casing and tooling basics
  7. Mounting and appliqué work
  8. The “Mystery Braid” and basic round braid
  9. Edge Stitching and burnishing
  10. Tooling/skiving
  11. Framing and Bordering
  12. Finish/topcoat
  13. Closures



Tuition: $325 + $60 kit fee

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