Lost Wax Casting with Stephanie George

Friday- Sunday, April 12-14, 10-6pm

Work alongside expert jewelry artist and casting technician Stephanie George. Together you’ll explore this ancient technique of the jewelry trade.

Students will spend the first day in the studio carving a simplistic three dimensional design for a pendant in wax. Discuss the significance of the weight and size of the wax when carving and how it will affect the casting process. Then Stephanie will demonstrate how to sprue and invest the waxes and discuss the casting process. And then you cast! Each student will man the large torch as they melt and sling the molten metal for the centrifugal casting experience. Cast the pendants in bronze, sterling silver or Argentium. Finish out the pieces- clip, de-bur and polish your cast pendants for a beautiful, one of a kind piece, made by you!

Choose between sterling silver, Argentium, or bronze casting grain. Casting grain is not included in tuition. This cost is determined by weight, after the piece(s) have been cast. Students will be charged for casting grain at the end of class.

Bee Amour Jewelry by Anna Gieselman started here at CSJA. See how student Anna has united her love of jewelry and bee keeping to create a very special collection!


Bee Amour Jewelry from Anna Gieselman on Vimeo.


Continue your exploration of casting at Creative Side here!

Tuition: $425 + $45 Materials and Lab Fee - Paid at end of class (Casting grain not included) - Payment Plans Available

FULL. We have a waiting list for this class. If you would like to be added, please email info@creativeside.org.

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