Live Painting Demo: The Importance of Freehand Jewelry Rendering with Rémy Rotenier

Sunday, March 17, 2-3:30p

Rémy Rotenier, a professional designer of 32+ years and a Paris-trained instructor, will demonstrate metal, gemstones, and other materials coming to life through drawing and painting. Remy will do a live painting of a ring with gemstones and metal as he talks through his process of jewelry design rendering and how it impacts the result of a well-designed piece of jewelry.

Whether you create your own jewelry lines, produce custom pieces or become an in-house designer for a jewelry company, knowing how to present a well-thought out design through drawing or painting is a wonderful way to communicate with clients and a great selling tool. A sketch expresses more information than words ever will.

Come experience this live demonstration to observe how he works through designs and bring your questions for Remy. Just think…being able to draw your designs with confidence will feel like knowing a new language.

Get the full experience and learn how to rapidly express your ideas or visually explain a project to a customer through professional drawings in Drawing for Jewelers, Monday-Friday, March 18-22, 10-5p.



“Ditching my usual jewelry tools helped me to explore new facets of creativity...I am having fun getting lost in the creative process, without the distraction of my tools. And getting lost on purpose takes me to the place where magic happens.” -Kate Wolf (from MJSA Journal, Jan. 2011)

Tuition: $10.00

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