If you are just getting started making jewelry and starting a new career or hobby, you are in the right place. Creative Side Jewerly Academy of Austin is considered the fastest growing school in the country for metal arts, with growing credibility and a wonderful reputation for providing professional training for jewelers at all skill levels.

We offer week long immersion workshops with the best instructors and masters from all over the nation. We also offer weekend, weeknight, weekday and even one day courses to meet any schedule, so that students can get educated in this craft at their own pace.

Our curriculum is jam packed, we do not move slowly in our courses. Students will learn multiple techniques and create a body of work while participating in our classes.

We also design the semesters here to include often-missed courses on business, marketing, production, photography and more to give you not only the know-how to make fine jewelry, but the ability and skills to create a successful business.        


Where do I begin? I am brand new to jewelry making.  
Our 101 classes are designed for the total beginner, and we work hard to time these to fit almost any schedule. You will gain an understanding of the studio, basic tools, soldering with the torch, and leave with multiple completed pieces of jewelry! If you want more of a taste to see if this is the craft for you, try one of our Simple Series Classes, including ring making and simple earrings.
If you're looking to really dive into the world of jewelry, we now offer a comprehensive bundle of Jewelry 101, Jewelry 201 and four Open Studio passes that we like to call The Full Monty. This series of classes will teach you the fundamentals of fabrication and practical bench skills, while helping you find your creative voice through the art of jewelry.  

I took a metal class years ago, but now I'm ready to start jewelry making and metalworking again. Where do I start?
Schedule an appointment to talk with our owner Courtney Gray and chat about the classes you are interested in and your current skill level. Courtney will help customize a suggested class schedule for you.

I have taken classes at Creative Side in the past and I am interested in Open Studio hours. Where do I start?
Great! Please contact us for details and times for our open studio. You work on independent projects during this time, however we have a professional instructor available for trouble-shooting and navigating the studio.

I have jewelry and metalworking experience, but I have never taken a class at Creative Side. I am interested in renting studio space. Where do I start?  
We have a great community here at Creative Side with jewelers of all levels and expertise! Contact us at 512-799-0731 and set an appointment to meet with our owner, Courtney Gray. She will chat with you to see exactly what you are looking for and give a  tour of our professional studio.

Do you do any big metals sculpture base classes including techniques such as forging, welding, etc?
YES! Check out our Creative Side METAL WORKS Courses here.

I have a specific project in mind and I do not have experience in a jewelry studio. Where do I start?
We will set an appointment to meet with you and discuss the project you have in mind and make sure we are the best fit. From there we will schedule one of our professional jewelers to work one-on-one with you in a private lesson.

I am looking for a jeweler to create a custom piece for me, but I am not interested in making it myself. Where do I start?
You are in luck! Our owner specializes in custom jewelry and we have several jewelers that may or may not fit your needs. Please contact us and we will see if we have what you are looking for in a designer.

Do you have any classes for Kids ?
Yes! We are excited to teach this ancient craft to your budding artist. Ages 10-15. Check out our Young Metalsmiths Courses here.

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?
Yes we do! We want to ensure you can get in the studio, so we are happy to set up payment plans. Please check out our registration policies. We offer one full scholarship once a year for our Young Metalsmiths Summer Program for ages 10-15.


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