Instructor: Liana Tomchesson


Liana Tomchesson has been an Austin based metalsmith and 3D artist since 1999. In her current body of work, she seeks to create a shared space where cultural subjects and finely crafted jewelry and 3D art objects referencing adornment coexist. She builds her work by recycling aspects of the human experience found mostly in news media. Working in the full spectrum of metalsmithing aided with new technology, she integrates many technics to create objects that communicate through humor, scale and content. 

Highlights from this past year include being an invited guest artist at SXSW Create, artwork at the People’s Gallery, Austin Tx and a group show titled Naughty Narrative: lives revealed at the Art Avenue Contemporary Art Center in Greenville, NC. And she has just completed the fellowship Artist Inc with the City of Austin.

Tomchesson received her MFA in 2014 in Metalsmithing and a minor in New Media. Mrs. Tomchesson is a former adjunct professor at the College of Visual Arts and Design, University of North Texas in Denton, Tx. For further information, portfolio and CV please visit lianatomchesson.com.


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