Instructor: Matt Pohorelsky


Matt is a metalworker that grew up not far from Austin, in the small Texas town of Giddings. He is an active member of the Houston Area Blacksmith Association (HABA) and the Balcones Forge of Central Texas. Through these groups Matt has had the opportunity to learn forge welding and tool making from Mark Aspery, bronze forging and design from Dorothy Stiegler, and hammer making from Nathan Robertson and Lyle Wynn. For the last three years Matt has donated his skills as a blacksmith, in cooperation with HABA, to the Bayou Bend summer camp where he has spread the joy of forging to children age 9-11.

For the last five years Matt has created wire tree sculptures utilizing semi precious beads, minerals, and crystals which he has sold at Gem and Mineral shows in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and many other Texas cities. He has recently discovered a passion for welding that has changed his perception of metalwork. He currently practices both welding and forging to achieve his artistic vision. He is attending Austin Community College where he is earning an Associates in Applied Sciences with a blacksmithing specialization and welding certificate.

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