Instructor: Paul Seeman


Paul is inspired by the flame and with its heat, he is able to manipulate metal into sculptural forms. Each sculpture is an outward expression of a feeling or a story that comes from within. As an artist, Paul believes that we must always be trying new things, playing, moving and dancing with metal.

Inspired and guided by fellow Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin instructor Tom Gingras, Paul began making metal dance in 1999. After studying art metals, metal smithing, welding, and any metal related subject that he could, Paul enrolled in the fine arts program at Texas State University in San Marcos where he earned his BFA degree. As a sculpture student, he was able to study under the guidance of Master Sculptor and Foundryman, Roger Colombik, who introduced Paul to the world of metal casting. He had found a new way to dance with metal.

The fine arts curriculum taught Paul to interpret and discuss artistic theory as well as solidify his technical foundation. The exemplary reputations of Master Sculptors Greg Reuter and “The Gronfather” Jack Gron drew Paul to Texas A&M University Corpus Christi where he would extend his foundry practice to include iron casting. While earning his Masters of Fine Arts degree, Paul built his traveling foundry and began doing workshops and classes. Now, Paul brings his talents to Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin to share his love of hot metal.


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