Instructor: Chris Mayor

Bladesmith Chris Mayor, of Ravenswood Hand Forged, has been forging blades for professional chefs and teaching the sacred art of bladesmithing for almost a decade.  He got his start by apprenticing under professor, sculptor, and bladesmith Michael Bennett, MFA from SAIC. Chris worked under Michael for a number of years before being given a teaching position at the Fire Arts Center of Chicago, where he stayed on staff for the last 8 years. In 2014  Chris and Chef Brendan McDermott , Chris's apprentice and current business partner , decided to pool their knowledge of knives and knife use and incorporated Ravenswood Hand Forged LLC, a small producer of high end custom knives for culinary  professional. Over the years Chris has put hundreds of knives and a few swords in the hands of professionals and collectors and has taught hundreds of students how to forge their own blades.

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