Instructor: Rita Marie Ross


Rita Marie Ross grew up in Sandusky Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. For her, art began as an escape from her other eight family members and often found herself off alone in the adjacent fields and woods daydreaming and making things with whatever she could find. Her passion for working with metals began in 1976 after graduating from a high school that had a great art department. Then soon after she met one of her town's local silver smiths and soon began fabricating sterling silver jewelry and setting stones.

Today she has a thriving contemporary jewelry business and teaches workshops to those starting off in the trade. She has always been blessed to find teachers along the way who have shared their knowledge, patience and love of creating with her and hopes she has become one of those teachers.

As of 2016, Rita is now a certified Argentium Silver Instructor via the AIC Program administered by Ronda Coryell.

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