Instructor: Griselda Peña


Born into a military family in Nuremberg, Germany, Griselda Elena Peña later moved to Texas, where she spent most of her youth. She earned her BFA from Texas State University and received her MFA from SUNY New Paltz in 2008.  Peña creates regalia influenced by Western culture’s obsession with commodity and consumerism. She is struck by the numerous objects created that are easily disposable.  Peña hopes to directly connect the wearer to the material and also to raise awareness for one’s connection to the environment.


The human body is my canvas, the natural world my unending inspiration. My works are emotive creations based in visions of dreams. Through my work I present a corporeal way of experiencing and understanding the relation between humans and the nature. My endeavor is to create pieces that transcend their materials. In these pieces, I explore how humans determine their surrounding and how the material can be controlled, altered, or left to decay.  I hope to express a tangible slice of everyday life through this correlation of material. In my works I cast away some of the seemingly permanent ambitions and concrete markings of human existence. I am intrigued with the cycles of the plant and how our emotions, rituals, and celebrations intertwine. In the past our dependence on nature was connected with celebrations such as the summer solstice and vernal equinox. Currently the gifts of the outdoors are sidestepped and forgotten. There is a need to reconnect with the natural world, and, ultimately, this connection is the focus of my work.


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