Instructor: Ricky Frank


Ricky Frank, a master enamelist, has been making and selling cloisonné enamel jewelry for over 35 years. A self-taught artist, his work is known for incredible depth, clarity and blending of colors. His award winning jewelry has been exhibited at some of the top national craft shows, including the Smithsonian Craft Show and the Philadelphia Museum Craft Show. A frequent instructor at Arrowmont, he has also taught with Arizona Craftsman, Florida Society of Goldsmiths, Rio Grande Tools, and at The Enamelist Society Conference. 


"Ricky Frank is one of the best instructors I have ever experienced. First, he is a master at his art, both in design and execution. In addition, he excels at a talent few artists have...a systematic approach to teaching the process of enameling that advances both the novice and the expert. He's always "pushing the edges" of his knowledge and in so doing, helps us develop our thought process as artists, not just our technical skills. It's a joy to spend time in his studio and I recommend him highly for students of all levels."


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