Instructor: Luana Coonen


Born and raised in Hawaii, I have an undeniable connection with nature, it's in my blood. Raised my mother- a full time artist with a degree in botany, within a rainforest backyard playground, my childhood was rich with creativity in a theme of green. In 2000, I moved to the San Francisco bay area to pursue my degree in Jewelry/Metalsmithing, and it became starkly obvious how important these nature based values are for me, and I noticed them not present in many of my urban raised peers. Every blade of grass and spring flower became more important than ever.

I also noticed our tendency to contain nature in our urban environment- the root bound trees surrounded by concrete, the struggling ivy on old brick walls, and the flower boxes in windows, free of every weed or invasive new shoot. As many others are patiently waiting for the stop light to change, I day dream of how I can express this which distracts me- the precious little things which most of us unnoticeably pass by, growing with determination stronger than we can understand.

Instead of designing with precious rubies and diamonds, I've decided to give these seemly mundane objects a new life- the blades of grass, fallen moth wings, bits of lichen. To amplify them in an environment of gold and silver, giving them voice in an otherwise muted urban environment. Amplifying these precious specimens I churn up the questions- what is valuable to me? What do we find precious? And hopefully, make us all stop, and notice the small things in life. Bringing nature just a little closer to you.



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