Instructor: Jim Dailing


After watching a friend skillfully cut an opal during college in 1977, Jim Dailing knew that he had found an outlet for his creative passion. He spent the next 10 years furthering his education and gaining experience in a variety of metalsmithing techniques. His enthusiasm and genuine love of the craft is evident in every piece created.

"Designing your unique engagement ring, wedding ring or anniversary ring begins with a friendly chat. We will talk about elements well beyond jewelry design; architecture, furniture, nature, and anything that you are drawn to visually. All these elements can be utilized in creating a custom ring design that is stunning visually as well as personally empowering."

With sources for award-winning gemstones and the skill to alloy much of his own metal, Jim is able to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces to suit a variety of styles and budgets.

He also has experience incorporating recycled metals, such as a grandmother’s wedding band or other family heirlooms.

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