Instructor: Deborah Wilson Taylor

Deborah earned an Associates degree in Jewelry from Austin Community College in 2009, with honors. Before launching her own full time business, she worked in both jewelry manufacturing and retail in her hometown of Austin.

"I didn't know when I first took up pliers and began weaving chainmaille, that 14 years later I would be doing this full time as my business. I was 14 at the time, and simply making chainmaille armor out of galvanized steel from the hardware store (which my brother had taught me how to do), as a hobby. About a year later, I ventured into working in smaller sizes, and with silver, and began the long journey towards creating the high-end chainmaille jewelry that you see here.

"My goal is to continue to grow as a person and as an artist, and strive to offer something new and unique to the world with my work. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer."



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