Practical Jewelry Production with Lisa Crowder

Sunday, October 29, 10:00-3:00p

Join us for this 1-day lecture course with Lisa Crowder, covering the aspects of business that are often difficult for creative types. Lisa will give practical advice on time management, as well as cost and production schedules for a jewelry business. She'll be giving tips on organizing show and production schedules, getting your work into the right stores or galleries, working with store owners, managing a production team to fulfill orders, streamlining, outsourcing your work, and much more. There will also be a scheduled Q&A session. Hear from one of Austin's own successful jewelry artisans who has grown her jewelry business for over 10 years while managing to have a family and a social life! 

This class is perfect for you if…
1. You have been working towards creating your own line of jewelry 
2. You are ready to take your business to the next level
3. You have pieces that are selling and want to streamline the way you work
4. You have concerns about outsourcing your work
5. You are considering hiring help for your line 
6. You want to know more before you dive in to this ever changing industry 


This is a free-form class structure, which will allow Lisa to cater to your individual questions and needs. Please submit your top 3-5 questions/areas of interest by Wednesday, October 25th, to info@creativeside.org. This will allow Lisa to tailor her information to the specific needs of the students for this course with ample time for preperation.


Tuition: $135

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