Moving Metal - Functional Forms through Forging with Deanna Pastel

Friday - Sunday, June 1- June 3, 10-6p

In this 3-day workshop students will learn the fundamentals of moving metal! You will be introduced to the essentials of forming- such as tapering, twisting and forging to create depth in your work with the use of stakes and hammers. Students will explore the differences between synclastic (metal that is formed on one axis from itself) and anticlastic raising (where metal is formed on two axes). With all this knowledge we will create a spiculum, flower forms, ribbons and practice a range of basic foldforming techniques.

Day1 - All about forming! 4g copper wire - spreading, moving, tapering, twisting, scrolling.

Day 2 - Making flower forms with simple stakes and hammer textures. Learn how to use copper solder in comparison to silver solder.

Day 3 - Foldforming of leaves, conches and irregular forms with discussion of spiculums, synclastic and anticlastic.



Tuition: $495 + $65 kit fee - Payment plans available | Kit fees paid last day of class

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