The Outrageously Thorough Soldering Workshop with Chris Hentz

Monday - Friday, September 3-7, 10-6p

Soldering Silver and Gold – Steps, Rules and Tools

Through lectures, demonstrations and student work time, this workshop will present information to improve your ability to precisely observe and methodically understand silver and gold soldering. Participants will learn and become able to reasonably solve any fabrication problems previously thought to be “overwhelming, too complex or too tedious" in silver or gold.

Chris will cover the a wide variety of soldering principles and application options for jewelry and metalsmithing. The first goal is to become more efficient through the understanding and creative use of materials, tools, soldering jigs, fabrication techniques, and principles. Chris will include many of the “tricks” for making any job easier to accomplish. The second goal is making the shift from silver to gold soldering. Special emphasis will be placed on being sure each student can see and understand what the solder is doing at various stages of construction.

This workshop will present the subject of soldering and fabrication in a manner that benefits the needs of all participants whether you are a beginner or advanced. Time will be allowed for individual attention so Chris can observe participant’s soldering techniques and help solve particular problems.

Open to all levels of experience

Tuition: $995 + $75 Kit fee - Payment plans available | Kit fees paid last day of class

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