Gold on Steel with Bette Barnett

Friday - Sunday, April 5-7, 10-6p

Intermediate to Advanced*

Steel is an amazing metal -- strong, lightweight and malleable. One of the most appealing characteristics of steel is its affinity for gold. Simply put, steel “loves” gold.

Marrying steel with gold results in dramatic mixed metals jewelry that responds to today’s modern aesthetic for work that is bold yet maintains a richness. Learn from a master who has devoted her work to exploring and experimenting with gold and steel jewelry. 

In this class students will learn how to fuse steel and gold to create dramatic mixed metals jewelry. This class provides a broad exposure to all techniques required to work with steel and gold, including the basics of working with mild (cold rolled) steel and torch and heat fusing gold to steel. In addition, the students will learn the process of Keum Boo, patinating, and sealing steel jewelry.  Students will be able to complete at least one finished piece of steel/gold jewelry.


  • Students will learn the techniques required to create jewelry from steel including
  • -sourcing
  • -cutting
  • -forming
  • -texturing
  • -patinating
  • -and sealing the steel

*Students are required to have a basic metalworking skill set, including sawing, filing, soldering, sanding and finishing techniques. In addition, students should come prepared with a well thought out, yet simple design concept in mind for one or two pieces of steel and fused gold jewelry.

Kit includes:

  • - Alloying metals to be used for gold (fine silver and copper).
  • - Mild steel sheets (18g and 20g, one 12” x 6” sheet of each). Scraps will also be available.
  • - 1oz samples of the appropriate flux, pickle and patina for steel.
  • Source sheets for purchasing materials and supplies.
  • - 1” x .5” rectangle of gold foil for Keum Boo

Students will be required to bring at least two pennyweight (dwt) of 24k gold casting grains (available from Rio Grande and other vendors). Call the studio ahead of time if you have questions about ordering gold and we will help guide you. 512-799-0731

If you choose to have your metal shipped in from Rio, please send it to:
321 W. Ben White Blvd Ste#204
Austin, TX 78704
Attn: Hannah Wilson


Tuition: 625.00 + Kit fee TBD - Payment plans available | Kit fees paid last day of class

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