Make Your Mark - Stamps and Chisels with Tim McCreight

Thursday - Sunday, January 24-27, 10-6p

Ornamenting metals with steel tools is one of the oldest, richest and purest forms of decorative embellishment.

Learn from an award winning artist, metalsmith, and author Tim McCreight. The focus of the class is stamp and chisel making and creating a piece with your handmade tools.

In this 4 day workshop students will learn and practice the following:

  • -How to choose the right steel, from new stock to recycled old tools
  • -Techniques and approaches to create stamps
  • -Different ways to heat treat the steel to have a life lasting tool
  • -The basics and tricks of stamping and chiseling

This intensive workshop starts with the basics of tool design, selection of steel and shaping techniques. Each student will make several different kinds of hardened and tempered tools that include decorative and texture punches. Students will also explore the use of chisels using tools made in the workshop. In addition to sample panels, there will be time to use the newfound techniques to create finished work.

Why you should take this class:

  • -Tool making can expand your ability to add personal and unique touches to your pieces that will never compare to stock stamps and chisels
  • -Tim MCreight has taught hundreds of workshops throughout the world and has written two dozen books including, The Complete Metalsmith, produced a half dozen videos, and created Apps for mobile devices. Tim and Matthieu Cheminée created The Toolbox Initiative which is a volunteer effort with the goal is to assist jewelers with limited resources in West Africa. 
  • -A great example of utilizing stamping to it's fullest potential is artist Matthieu Cheminée (see images in photo gallery) He calls it “Stampclastic”, a tribute to all the jewelers around the world who transform any old piece of steel into tools or any piece of metal into beautiful jewelry. 
  • "I started making a living as a jeweler by stamping traditional Navajo bracelets and Concho belts for Native American Indian jewelers. Stamping holds a special place in my heart; it is a technique that can be done anywhere and is a technique used all across Africa. Stamps can be made out of any piece of steel. Often the design is a geometrical shape, and used as an accent to decorate the metal, draw a line or just to add a few motifs here and there. I have been using this technique for over 20 years and developed my own form of stamping by creating patterns that filled the entire piece of metal. Over the years my stamped design evolved; my recent pieces are made of those patterns that are then anticlastically shaped into bracelets and rings."-Matthieu Cheminée
  • * main photo and work by Matthieu Cheminée

Tuition: $825 + $75 Kit fee - Payment plans available | Kit fees paid last day of class

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