Lapidary Basics- Making Cabochons with Billy Fuller

Saturday- Sunday, June 22-23, 10-6p

All levels. Beginner friendly.

“Patience never hurts the outcome. I get lost in uncovering the beauty of the stone.” – W. Fuller

Uncover the hidden beauty of rocks and gems by cutting, shaping, and polishing different types of rough. Discover how easy it is to elevate custom jewelry designs by adding hand-cut and polished stones. This class is great for all levels, whether you are jewelry designer or gem enthusiast. Only requirement is desire to learn.

Begin class by getting familiar with top of the line lapidary equipment and the start to finish process of cutting freestyle and calibrated stones (for jewelry settings). Students will review the Mohs Hardness Scale and detect the softness and hardness of a variety of gemstones. With this knowledge students will learn to identify the types of wheels to use on the grinding and polishing machine and then practice with hard and soft stones, such as agate and turquoise. Students are encouraged to cut, shape, and polish a cabochon of their own design and have fun with the material.

Students will learn and practice:

  •         Slabbing- using a saw to cut slabs of stones
  •         Dopping- securing the stone on a dop stick with wax for easier handling as you polish and shape
  •         Shaping- using the grinding machine to go through the steps to achieve a cabochon shape
  •         Smoothing- Sanding out coarse scratches and pre-polishing on the lapidary machine
  •         Polishing- From coarse grit to final polish, learn to create an even polish

Why you should take this class:

“Don’t do it. It’s a trap! Once you uncover the beauty of a rock on your own you will find yourself looking at a simple rock on the ground and wonder…how would this look cut, trimmed, shaped, polished, and set in a cool piece of jewelry.” Billy Fuller


“It was my first time to sit down at a lapidary machine and I feel like after just one hour I found a new obsession. Billy is a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm of cutting and polishing rocks and patiently walks you through each step and is very encouraging. I look forward to more!” -Lindsay Sanchez


Tuition: $295 + kit fee TBD - Payment plans available | Kit fees paid last day of class

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