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Courtney Gray began creating artwork in Houston, Texas at an early age. After studying theatre in high school, she began a more internalized approach to her expression by creating unique found object masks. Courtney created her first collection called "Face the Mask" in 1998. She moved to Austin in 2000 at the age of 20 and decided to devote her time to working for other artists and working with her hands all of the time while studying welding and art metals At Austin Community College. These experiences included ceramics, glass shops, welding jobs, and fine jewelry. Courtney acquired a certificate in Art Metals and Metal Sculpture. She completed her metal training in Koblenz, Germany at the "HandWerksKammer," training in welding technology and becoming internationally certified as a welder.

With her experience as a jeweler she returned to the States to open "Hard Court Studios" now known as "The Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin" where she creates custom jewelry, sculpture, and teaches and hosts all of the inspiring classes and workshops for you to enjoy. "My goal is to introduce you to whatever technique you are pulled towards in a relaxed and patient manner, withholding no secrets, artist to artist."

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