Instructor: Fabrizio Acquafresca


Information regarding the direct descent of the Acquafresca’s family dates back to the XVII century. Matteo Acquafresca (1651-1738) was a gunsmith, from a family of appreciated, famous, fine artisans, who invented the breech-loading system. In this far back century some of the family made gun stocks reaching a high level of elegance in their work, highlighting skill in the art of chiselling. A historical cycle of this art form by the Acquafresca family had begun.

Centuries later Fabrizio Acquafresca was born in Florence, Tuscany. When he was 13 he started to work in his uncle’s workshop, a famous Florentine silver artisan, Brandimarte. Here, uncle “Brandi,” with love and strength, taught Acquafresca a high quality of silver craftsmanship. Acquafresca learned the stages, from fusion to soldering and from polishing to chasing. It was mostly in chasing and repousse that he expressed his art to the highest quality. His curiosity and his attitude to experiment took Acquafresca to the Tuscan mountains, where he lived for a period of time together with the master of sculpture Italo Bortolotti. From the master he learned basic stone sculpture.

Some of Acquafresca’s masterpieces are shown at “Il Milione” farm located in Giogoli, in the hills of Florence. The years spent working with silver using the chiaroscuro concept (shading), which rises from the chasing and repoussé technique and the grey tones built from light that reflects off the metal, lead teacher Acquafresca to a new step in his artistic experience: Charcoal. The materials remained natural: wood, charcoal, light. With these new elements he re- discovered shades, similar to those with his silver works, but with light. The plasticity of the shape was consciously created using a pencil. The subjects showed with this new technique seemed to wave in the silence of the wood. Light and shadow seemingly have these subjects move, making them come alive in the still of emptiness.Acquafresca completed a large number of both silver chisel and painting shows. One of the most important was his 1995 presence at “Pavarotti & Friend International,” where he successfully showed his works.

Today, after 30 years as it by destiny, Acquafresca is making his own works, continue the collaboration with Brandimarte workshop in Florence, he draws, paints, writes, shares this art organizing workshops all around the world. 


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