Instructor: Lindsay Sanchez


Lindsay Sanchez, formerly Lindsay Hendricks, is an Austin-based jeweler and metalsmith who is leading the Creative Side Young Metalsmiths program. 

Lindsay received a BFA in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing from the University of North Texas in 2006. She was selected by the University of Georgia to participate in a Study Abroad Program for the Arts in Cortona, Italy. In Italy, she had the opportunity to develop her skills in the craft of jewelry and methods of casting. Her time in Italy is still a large source of inspiration that exists in her designs today. 

In addition to being a studio jewelry artist living and working in South Austin, she is also the founder of a Creative Jewelry Outreach Program for teens and the Young Metalsmiths Program Director of Creative Side. She teaches teens basic metalsmithing skills, which enable them to create personalized jewelry and encourages individual and creative expression. 

Lindsay Hendricks Jewelry has been featured in multiple jewelry galleries, most recently including Society of North American Goldsmiths conference in Boston, MA, The Studio of Brooklyn, NY, Racine Museum of Art of Wisconsin, Gallery Black Lagoon of Austin, Kathleen Sommers and Equinox Gallery of San Antonio. Lindsay was the Resident Artist of Equinox Gallery in 2012 under the wing of metalsmith Alejandro Sifuentes.

She has been a featured jewelry artist for Austin Shines Design Competition of Eliza Page, Accessories Finalist of the RAW organization, incuded in an online gallery for Art Jewelry Magazine, and a featured designer of international blogs such as The Jewelry Observer and the Carrot Box.  


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