Instructor: Alison Antelman


The Metropolis collection is inspired by the vitality of a cityscape. My jewelry is hand fabricated and forged, like the cities that are its inspiration. I’ve also been exploring the idea of hanging gardens, which bring nature into city life. These designs take inspiration from the canyons and peaks of the city and the decorative elements of its botanical forms & shapes. I use these motifs from the spectacular urban landscape. 
I make all of my own hinges, settings, hollow fold-formed pods, and clasps. I use recycled 18 and 22k gold, sterling silver, semi-precious and precious stones in raw, faceted and smooth surfaces. This work is not cast -it is all hand fabricated. Utilizing hammers, I sink and form the metal creating hollow form pods.These pods have creases in them, adding a clean texture of lines created by fold-forming the metal-a process of folding, hammering and unfolding to make a crease.  Using intrinsic properties of the metal, I contrast oxidized sterling silver with 18 and 22k gold. The sterling assumes a black patina while the gold remains lustrous.  Natural stones are the palette that I draw from joining different textures, shapes, and hues. To further suit the needs of each piece, I hand fabricate the clasps, incorporating them directly into the design allowing function, as well as adornment. I am drawn to the relationship between the metal, stones, movement and form, and how they transform the wearer within their environment.  

Feel free to email me with any questions about my work or classes at Creative Side at alison@antelman.com.

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